Our Story




Maikros.com is an international online booking system for making hotel reservations, travel tickets, and accommodation and holiday services owned by Maikros for Project Management and Investment , located in Egypt, Cairo, Corniche Al Maadi Towers Stars, Tower A, 10th Floor, Office 2


Maikros.com is an international, B2B online booking engine that delivers global travel content:

- Flights, Hôtels, sightseeing & activities & Transfers to travel partners. 

Whether it is leisure, business, or group, travel agents can book ideal accommodations and services for their clients quickly and reliably with Maikros.com without booking fees and best-matched market prices.



At Maikros.com, we focus on delivering and achieving the best while enriching our partners’ booking experience. We are well known for innovations, global reach, excellent post-Sales support, and advanced booking interface. Hence we attain confidence from our business partners through the accuracy and confirmation of booking while having an experienced and highly efficient staff providing service 24/7 in several languages and the best support. 


Maikros.com, with its global reputation and its relationship with travel and tourism agents in many parts of the world as partners It has an experienced and highly efficient staff, making it one of the global pioneer companies in the traveling field, tourism, hotel, and airline bookings through the internet. Furthermore, all our services are available on our website with a detailed description of the prices that are made easily accessible to the user. Moreover, we work according to highly qualified techniques to guarantee indirect accuracy information from accommodation and air flight companies.






Why Maikros.com

 We are one of the most significant B2B contracted inventories where you may find over 1M hotels in a single portal.




Key Highlights:

 Real-Time availability and booking confirmation with the best rates globally.
 Easy & quick integration through Maikros API HUB
 High-quality property content 
 Innovation features to make booking hassle-free-auto vouchered, booking notes, transparent rates & no hidden charges.
 A massive variety of directly contracted hotels, properties range from independent hotels, local chains, popular hotel chains, boutique hotels, and apartments,
 Short release period and exclusive last-minute deals.