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Online Global Booking System " best rate guaranteed " B2B

System advantages  

  • Works for B2B travel agencies 
  • Help service available 24/7 Communicate in 32 languages. 
  • Control the desired currency for reservations. 
  • Quick and safe booking. 
  • Save money on all bookings. 
  • Competitive prices for hotel and accommodation reservations. 
  • Agent control page for details of confirmed reservations, cancellations, payments, refunds. 
  • Cancellation of cancellable rooms without commission and hotel policy during booking. 
  • Several payment methods are available on all services by selecting the appropriate option either through credit cards, paypal or cash deposit to earn additional features at prices. 
  • Possibility to determine the appropriate and closest hotel to the desired area. 
  • Flight control in terms of non-stop flights, stop-stop flights, multi-destination flights, stop-time at each point, airport stop, cancellable or non-cancellable reservation as per airline policy. 
  • The possibility of using the system on behalf of agents' travel agency, the agency logo design, the control interface is managed through the agent's staff fully. 
  • More than one million hotels and residences around the world for more than 33,000 destinations 
  • More than 150 air carriers for more than 2,800 destinations. 
  • Ability to transfer all system data to your website in full HTML 
  • Ability to check the state agent 24/7 for easy follow-up. 
  • Micros welcomes the adoption of new agents in all countries under the terms and conditions. 


Be a real partner, make more profits, the more your bookings will save more money. 

Micros Com Travel companion to anywhere around the world. 

Easy - secure - reliable 

For any inquiry, please email info@maikros.com 


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