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privacy policy 

Your personal information is our concern and we will protect it and will not disclose it to any person or
entity other than those authorized by law. When you use our Maikros.com website and the contents of our
services, you will be confident that the information you entered will be securely kept for auditing purposes
such as name - Contacts - Phone Number – Email, This information is stored and kept on computers
securely and encrypted to fulfill our commitment towards you from hotel reservations and flights
or to contact you in the event of any problem with any reservation made by you. 
In addition, to manage your account on our site. If you register and receive special offers that we promote
to our customers, you can clear them at any time without you returning to us if you no longer wish to enjoy
these services. 
We also maintain that your personal information is necessary for us to ensure that all providers of our
services are required to know the details of the names associated with the booking process and also if
you make a reservation on behalf of another person. In this case, you should have obtained consent to
use that person's personal information under which you carried out the above-mentioned procedures.
Your information will help us to improve our services through your continuous feedback with us after
registering on the site and providing you with the latest news about our new services. All this will be done
via e-mail or your registered phone number. Once you register on our website, this means you agree to
the terms and conditions, which include your personal information, your name, your e-mail, and your
telephone number. 
Your information is shared with our staff, partners, employees and customer service team to allow you to
make a confirmed booking for any of our services available on the site. 
And also with any parties involved in your credit card license policy such as the bank that issued you a
credit card or any legal entity such as the security authorities and regulatory authorities in the country of
departure or destination to comply with the law in that country and have the legal powers to see those
Private data, however, such data will not be stored, sold, shared or leased as well as the information of
the credit/ debit cards and the personal identification information to any third parties.
In the context of undertaking and complying with specific privacy policy activities, we may send personal
information to countries that do not have data protection laws or do not provide personal data protection.
We will provide data to provide and fulfill all the services you have requested only because we are
committed to agreements with third parties to provide these services to you and disclose your information
only under the law required of us.  

Bearing responsibility  
When you enter our website to hold a reservation for any service available from our services, your
consent to the privacy policy of visitors to our site. Thus, you are responsible for any information you
register on our site and assume responsibility if it carries any error or deception or fraud. you will be
liable to bear Legal liability before the judicial authorities on your own for information in the event that this
information was in any harm to any person or employee or partner of our partners, and thus disclaim our
responsibility for any damage that may result from incorrect information and this shall be your
responsibility alone before the law. 


Refund Policy:  

The refund policy for bookings made through our website and are cancelled, is explained for each service.
Each hotel has its own policy of refunding as shown for each room and hotel. Through your booking, you
will have seen and approved the room policy you reserve whether it is completely refundable, partially

refundable and is subject to a cancellation fine with a specific date for each room, or non-refundable; also
booking for flight tickets, is it refundable, changeable and fines that are imposed on recovering or
changing booking or non-refundable and non-changeable. You must check the policy of any reservation
prior to making it until you make the reservation and fully provide you with the policy of that reservation
before confirming it so that you absolutely approving of the reservation policy that you are proceeding

Refund policy for Refundable Reservations:  
Any refund for any non-refundable reservation is absolutely out of question. Any amount that is deducted
from your credit card or paid in cash to travel agencies will not be refunded if the reservation you made is
You may not claim the value of the amount paid by your credit card so that you are not entitled to it in
cash, but the amount deducted from your credit card will be refunded through being returned to the same
card only after tracking the reservation you made with the hotel the reservation made in, or refunding a
flight ticket within a period of no less than ten days from the date of cancellation after deducting the
amount of taxes and /or cancellation fees imposed by the hotel , the accommodation place or the flight
company in the event of cancelling a reservation and which id demonstrated through the reservation
policy shown at the time of booking; whether it is a hotel booking or other services like renting a tourist car
, transportation from the airport, full tourist program or any other services. Fees may apply to retrieving
services. All such terms are demonstrated below any of our services when you carry out a reservation.
You are not entitled to legally challenge this deduction or claim it, since when you make the reservation
you have seen and agreed to your reservation policy. When you pay for our products or our services on
our website, you will be provided by the details that you are required to submit to our payment provider
through a secure contact as we accept payment through the internet using credit, Visa and Master cards.
Deductions will be made in Egyptian pounds or any other currency available on our website.
Any dispute or claim arising from or relevant to the above-mentioned, the website shall govern such
disputes and it shall be interpreted pursuant to the Egyptian laws. Egypt is our home country.

Cookies Policy:   
This technique is used to provide information that we modify on our site, which can be changed and we
send it to your browser and store it on the system. 
This policy allows us to identify people who search our site, browse our pages and advertisements to
locate the most visited search stations on our site, to give you a better experience when you reuse our
site. You do not have to use cookies; however, you have to read the information concerning browsing you
device to determine how to set it to send an alert to you the moment you receive cookies and then you
can accept or reject them.  
Our policy may be updated and/or sometimes changed to meet the requirements and standards.
Customers are often encouraged to visit these sections for updates and we will notify users of these
updates. These updates will be effective from the first day they are posted.
We do not have any membership or subscription fees. Subscription in the website is free.
Minors under the age of 18 are prohibited from registering as users of this site and are completely not
allowed to deal with or use the site.

Done by Maikros.com and its amendments, on March 1, 2019.


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