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About Us
Mikros.com is an international website for making hotel reservations, travel tickets as well as
accommodation and holiday services.
It is one of the global pioneer companies in the experience of travel, tourism, hotel, and airline
bookings through the internet. All our services are available on our website with a detailed
description of the prices that are made easily accessible to the user.
Mikros.com is owned by El-Rahhal Company for Project Management and Investment, which is
located in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Cairo, in the Fifth Settlement, Villa No. 30, Ikhnaton
Street. The website is run by the company together with a strategic partnership with
Seinmanger group, which is incorporated by virtue of the laws of the British Virgin Islands under
the no. 2001308 and its registered address is in Wicham's Road Town Tortala. Maikros.com
With its global reputation and its relationship with travel and tourism agents in many parts of the
world has partners in nearly 123 countries. Its staff is experienced and highly efficient.
Maikros.com is easy, quick to use and secure. It works according to highly qualified techniques
to guarantee accuracy in its inclusion of direct information from the accommodation places and
air flight companies. The website attains the confidence of its customers through the accuracy
and confirmation of booking. It provides the service around the clock in several languages and
with quick support.
Since the establishment, we have been striving to develop and improve the latest technological
ability and to provide the best and the lowest prices for our customers, partners and travel
agents to fulfill the needs of the traveler and the agent of the best and fastest services.
In 2018, we witnessed a huge progress with registering strong results and generating good cash
flows, big growth and attractive revenues for many partners. Maikros.com is one of the best
websites to make profit for travel agents. It provides a multitude of services that guarantees
success and proliferation.


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Maikros.com is a part of The Signmanage Group Ltd, the world leader in online travel.